Project Description
Redesign, refresh and update the RxtoMe Website while introduce the new features of the RxtoMe app. 
Previous Website
This website was last updated in 2017. It was based on the first features of the RxtoMe app. The website was illustration based and had few icons explaining the use of the app.
It needed to be redesigned.
Photo Manipulation
These are the images I created for the new website.
They are integrations of different stock images from Adobe Stock and the new interface of RxtoMe.

Motion Graphics
This is the motion graphics I created to show what RxtoMe main feature, free medication delivery.
Illustration Redesign
These are the new illustrations for the website
Icons Redesign
These are the new icons representing the new features of the app.
Website Redesign
The website includes a refresh to the brand and includes the new features of the app.
Mobile Version
This is the responsive version of the website.
Thanks for watching!​​​​​​​

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